The Tacoma Pierce County Business Alliance PAC endorses the following candidates in 2018:


pierce county council, district no. 1: dave morell

Morell has founded and operated multiple businesses over 35 years. He’s a former State Representative for the 25th Legislative District and he has held a variety of positions on committees and boards. Economic growth and local job creation rank among his top priorities.→→


pierce county council, district no. 5: marty campbell

Campbell is an experienced City Council Member and former business owner with a long resume of committee, board and commission positions. He places a high priority on creating and keeping local jobs here at home, from entry level to highly skilled trades and professional occupations.→→

Your Voice for Business, the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce works to ensure that the South Sound remains a desirable place to build and grow business. The Chamber has endorsed positions on two statewide initiatives this November:

NO ON I-1631: The Chamber opposes I-1631's energy tax. Washington families and small businesses would pay more for gasoline, electricity, natural gas, and goods & services, with little to no positive environmental impact, while the state's top polluters would remain exempt from the tax.

YES ON 1634: The Chamber says “Yes” to affordable groceries to stop new regressive taxes on the backs of those who can least afford it - our small businesses and working families.