Business and community leaders joined together to form the Tacoma-Pierce County Business Alliance PAC with the sole purpose of recruiting and electing business-friendly candidates to local office.

Our Mission

We elect local public officials who promote and support policies that enable business growth and prosperity, and reject policies that do the opposite.


Local elected officials understand the important role of businesses in ensuring a vibrant community and will consider the impact of every policy decision on the business community. 


  • In 2016, all four candidates endorsed by the PAC were elected, including two races that were decided by less than 500 votes.

  • In 2015, the PAC was successful in the compromise of the minimum wage to ensure that the minimum wage is at a rate that is responsible to both businesses and their employees. Additionally, two out of three PAC-endorsed candidates were elected to the Tacoma City Council.

  • In 2013, all three of the PAC's endorsed candidates were elected to positions on the Tacoma City Council.

Businesses create opportunities. They fuel the health of the community in terms of jobs, taxes, and philanthropy. We need to elect leaders who understand this connection and promote policies that help, not harm, business.
— Joanna Monroe, President, Tacoma Pierce County Business Alliance PAC