2019 Elections: Endorsement process underway

With the August 6 primary just ten weeks away, we at the Business Alliance are gearing up for a busy election season. We have our eyes set firmly on the two Port Commissioner races and the four Tacoma City Council races. The primary will be critical in three of those races, and we are moving quickly with the endorsement process. We will make endorsement announcements in mid-June.

Port of Tacoma Commissioner Pos. 3

  • Frank Boykin

  • Justin Camarata

  • Deanna Keller

Port of Tacoma Commissioner Pos. 5

  • Kristin Ang

  • Dave Bryant

  • Shelly Schlumpf

Tacoma City Council at Large Pos. 7

  • Brett Johnson

  • Courtney Love

  • Conor McCarthy

Tacoma City Council at Large Pos. 8

  • John O’Loughlin

  • Kristina Walker

Tacoma City Council Dist. 1

  • Nathe Lawver

  • John Hines

Tacoma City Council Dist. 3

  • Keith Blocker

  • David Combs

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We endorsed them, now they've taken office: Meet Pierce County Council's newest members

From The News Tribune:

They’re the two newest members of the Pierce County Council, sworn in less than a week ago after cruising to easy victories last November. They come from opposing political parties, and they represent different areas of the county, but Councilmen Dave Morell and Marty Campbell say they’re ready to work with fellow members and each other.

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VIP Holiday Reception

Thank you, public officials, newly elected leaders, and our dedicated and supportive business community for attending our VIP Holiday Reception on December 10! It was a pleasure to see you all, particularly our VIP donors, in the Murray Room at Tacoma Art Museum.

Congratulations, Campbell and Morell: PAC-endorsed candidates win seats on Pierce County Council

We congratulate Dave Morell and Marty Campbell, both of whom have won seats on the Pierce County Council. Morell won the race for District No. 1 with 60% of the vote. Campbell also received 60% of the vote, in the District No. 5 race.

Both earned our endorsement due in part to their focus on job creation but also based on their respective relevant experience. Well done!

PAC and Chamber leaders join forces at PSCAA hearing in support of LNG project (video)

Our Executive Director Tara Doyle-Enneking and Board President Joanna Monroe joined Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce President Tom Pierson at the PSCAA hearing on October 30th in support of the LNG project. Following are excerpts from Doyle-Enneking’s remarks:

“The recently released Draft SEIS confirmed my expectations that the use of LNG for the maritime sector would result in better air quality for those of us who live and work here.

“It isn’t right for a small minority of people to ‘outshout’ a reasonable majority who are also concerned about clean air, safe water, and preserving habitat. Recognize that in the spirit of making progress, we cannot sacrifice the good for the sake of perfect. If all of our cars ran on garbage and ships could operate on solar batteries starting tomorrow, that would be wonderful. But it isn’t reality.

“For this project, delay equals reduced air quality. Those who oppose moving forward with the LNG plant offer no realistic alternative in its place.

“As a community, we either support the engineers, scientists and biologists who evaluate projects and move forward based on their findings, or we allow ourselves to spiral based on conspiracy theories and non-science based on gossip. I support professionals who have applied their expertise to this project and who have found environmental benefits in the form of better air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. For the love of this place, where I live and work, I want you to get started. I hope you see past the red tape and move this project and our healthier environment forward.”

C3 Group for Candidate Consideration + Collaboration: Inaugural meeting brings lively discussion

On October 24, hosted an open discussion with local business leaders and civic-minded individuals with the aim of identifying passionate citizens with aspirations for public office. We’re calling this informal group the C3 Group for Candidate Consideration + Collaboration and we plan to host another gathering on 12/3.

We are looking for business-minded individuals who share our vision of balance with regard to economy, environment, social services and community. Our focus is on growing Tacoma and Pierce County the right way, without following in the footsteps of our neighbors to the north.

We will explore pathways to serve, and provide appropriate networking and resource tools for those considering a run for office.

We value your input and would love to see you at our next gathering on Monday 12/3 from 6pm-8pm in the Atrium Room at Engine House No. 9. Learn More

Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber: Vote no on I-1631, vote yes on I-1634

The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce opposes I-1631 and supports I-1634.

NO ON I-1631: Washington families and small businesses would pay more for gasoline, electricity, natural gas, and goods & services, with little to no positive environmental impact, while the state's top polluters would remain exempt from the tax.

YES ON I-1634: Stop new regressive taxes on the backs of those who can least afford it - our small businesses and working families.

Campbell and Morell endorsed by The News Tribune Editorial Board

In an editorial published October 6th, The News Tribune Editorial Board endorsed Marty Campbell (District 5) and Dave Morell (District 1) for the Pierce County Council.

Marty Campbell’s “mashup of private-public-nonprofit acumen gives him credibility on a range of issues, from affordable housing to business-and-occupation taxes,” says the Ed Board, describing the candidate as having “the heart of a liberal activist and mind of a small businessman.”

Dave Morell “would be a fine replacement” for Dan Roach, the Ed Board declared.

“A commercial subcontractor by trade, Morell has a long record of civic involvement, including a term in the Washington state House in the early 2000s. Four decades in the community, highlighted by several years on the Central Pierce Fire & Rescue Commission, give him a bird’s-eye view of the sprawling district.”

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We endorse Campbell and Morell in the November general election

We endorse the following candidates for the November general election:

Dave Morell, Pierce County Council, District No. 1 Morell has founded and operated multiple businesses over 35 years. He’s a former State Representative for the 25th Legislative District and he has held a variety of positions on committees and boards. Economic growth and local job creation rank among his top priorities.

Marty Campbell, Pierce County Council, District No. 5 Campbell is an experienced City Council Member and former business owner with a long resume of committee, board and commission positions. He places a high priority on creating and keeping local jobs here at home, from entry level to highly skilled trades and professional occupations.

We endorse Marty Campbell for Pierce County Council, Position 5

There are three positions up for election on the Pierce County Council this year. We plan to endorse candidates for all three of those positions after the August primary, but for now, we are only making an endorsement for Position 5. We endorse  Marty Campbell, due in part to his commitment to job growth.

Says Campbell, "Our county is growing and we need jobs right here at home from entry level to highly skilled trades and professional occupations so we can live grow and thrive throughout our county!"

ElectMartyCampbell.com →

News Tribune Editorial Board: Tacoma City Council creates troubling conflicts with utility board choice

In case you missed it, the News Tribune Editorial Board openly criticized the Tacoma City Council for the way it handled its recent Tacoma Public Utility Board appointment. The June 27 editorial derided the appointment itself as well as the relationship between the TPU board and the Council, using terms such as, “overtly political,” “troubling,” and “bad precedent." 

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