Business outlook remains strong following the general election

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The ballots have been tallied and it’s time to reflect on the 2017 election cycle, noting highlights and takeaways for the PAC.

But first, we remind our donors and supporters that while the general election is now in the history books, our work doesn’t pause. Not only does the PAC recruit and support balanced, business-friendly candidates, we also work with elected officials to protect jobs and grow businesses. With this in mind, we look forward to working proactively with the Port Commission and Tacoma City Council on behalf of the business community. 

That said, we offer the following highlights and takeaways:


  • The PAC’s backing of Mayor-Elect Victoria Woodards helped garner support from business-minded voters who otherwise might have voted for her opponent, who billed himself as a small business owner. 
  • The PAC’s investment in Woodards has resulted in a positive, authentic relationship with her. 
  • Mayor-Elect Woodards plans to form a business advisory council and has asked us to assist in recruiting business leaders for this group. 
  • All Port Commissioner positions were won by pro-business candidates, which will help to maintain a port that values jobs in a diverse economy. 
  • The four newly elected council candidates (Woodards, Robert Thoms, Catherine Ushka and Lillian Hunter) are moderates that the business community can work with to improve the opportunities for business growth.


  • The narrow re-election of Robert Thoms in District 2 over an anti-business opponent by about 400 votes reinforced the importance of our independent expenditure investments in that race.
  • Brian Arnold’s narrow defeat in District 5, by less than 300 votes, put the PAC on the map against a candidate who had raised $16,000 before Arnold even entered the race.
  • The PAC will continue to recruit candidates early enough for them to be involved in commissions and committees and to launch their campaigns earlier.

In short, the PAC raised its profile and influence among both political and business leaders during this election cycle, and we are well positioned moving forward with the newly elected officials.

On behalf of the entire board, we thank you for your support and donations. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. If you are interested in learning more about Mayor-Elect Woodards’ business advisory council or would like to serve, please contact us.


Tara Doyle-Enneking, Executive Director

Joanna Monroe, Board President