Year-end update and a look toward 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters,

With five seats on the Tacoma City Council and three Port positions in play, the 2017 elections mattered as much, if not more, to local businesses than the presidential election. At the same time, growing anti-industrial sentiment and the sub-area plan threatened prosperity and growth in our community.  

As business leaders do, you turned this threat into an opportunity. You testified, you wrote checks, you engaged like never before, and you made a huge difference. Make no mistake – elected leaders and hopeful candidates now recognize the powerful voice of business in this community.

With your support, the Business Alliance PAC favorably influenced the election. We elected smart, balanced candidates that represent the “sane center." We raised our profile in the community, and most importantly, we built bridges to our local leaders that will pave the way for pro-growth public policy.

But there is so much more to do. We have a strong vision of transforming local government from one that tolerates business, into one that promotes business. The PAC is the catalyst for transforming the South Sound into the economic powerhouse we know it can and will be.  

But we need your help.

First – we need to continue to strengthen our Board. We have the privilege of being selective, and are looking for Directors with strong fundraising capabilities and connections. We are also looking for Directors who have political campaign experience.  
Second – we need to find great candidates to run for office. We are taking the long term view, identifying local races over the next 3-5 years that will make a difference. We need to identify, groom and support people who have an interest.

Third – we need to continue to raise money. With over $200,000 raised in 2017, we were among the top 25% of PACs in the state. To truly move the needle, we must invest in more races, and we need you to continue your financial commitment to the PAC in 2018 and beyond.  

I ask you to give some thought as to how you can make a difference. If you would like to be considered for a Board role, or are tinkering with the idea of running for office, or would like to make an end of year contribution, please contact us and we will be there (like, yesterday).

We look forward to working with you in 2018 to build on this momentum. In the meantime, on behalf of the group of volunteers who serve as your board of directors, thank you for your support.  

Joanna Monroe, Board President