PAC and Chamber leaders join forces at PSCAA hearing in support of LNG project (video)

Our Executive Director Tara Doyle-Enneking and Board President Joanna Monroe joined Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce President Tom Pierson at the PSCAA hearing on October 30th in support of the LNG project. Following are excerpts from Doyle-Enneking’s remarks:

“The recently released Draft SEIS confirmed my expectations that the use of LNG for the maritime sector would result in better air quality for those of us who live and work here.

“It isn’t right for a small minority of people to ‘outshout’ a reasonable majority who are also concerned about clean air, safe water, and preserving habitat. Recognize that in the spirit of making progress, we cannot sacrifice the good for the sake of perfect. If all of our cars ran on garbage and ships could operate on solar batteries starting tomorrow, that would be wonderful. But it isn’t reality.

“For this project, delay equals reduced air quality. Those who oppose moving forward with the LNG plant offer no realistic alternative in its place.

“As a community, we either support the engineers, scientists and biologists who evaluate projects and move forward based on their findings, or we allow ourselves to spiral based on conspiracy theories and non-science based on gossip. I support professionals who have applied their expertise to this project and who have found environmental benefits in the form of better air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. For the love of this place, where I live and work, I want you to get started. I hope you see past the red tape and move this project and our healthier environment forward.”