C3 Group for Candidate Consideration + Collaboration: Inaugural meeting brings lively discussion

On October 24, hosted an open discussion with local business leaders and civic-minded individuals with the aim of identifying passionate citizens with aspirations for public office. We’re calling this informal group the C3 Group for Candidate Consideration + Collaboration and we plan to host another gathering on 12/3.

We are looking for business-minded individuals who share our vision of balance with regard to economy, environment, social services and community. Our focus is on growing Tacoma and Pierce County the right way, without following in the footsteps of our neighbors to the north.

We will explore pathways to serve, and provide appropriate networking and resource tools for those considering a run for office.

We value your input and would love to see you at our next gathering on Monday 12/3 from 6pm-8pm in the Atrium Room at Engine House No. 9. Learn More