Bad for business: Seattle City Council's proposed "head tax"

The Seattle City Council’s proposed head tax is a prime example of anti-business politicians doing their best to make larger companies stay away from (or leave) the city.

From the Seattle Times, the tax "... works out to $500 per full-time employee. It would apply to about 600 employers — any with revenues over $20 million — and generate $75 million yearly. In 2021, it would shift from an hourly tax to a payroll tax, collecting roughly the same from the same employers."

The revenues would be used toward remedying Seattle's homeless problem. Final approval is expected May 14.

As the Seattle Times Editorial Board points out, the recently implemented soda tax is intended to reduce soda consumption. Just what does the Council expect the employee tax will achieve?

The takeaway for us: The PAC's efforts toward ensuring a business voice in local government - particularly in the Tacoma City Council - make your support more critical now than ever.

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