News Tribune Editorial Board: Tacoma City Council creates troubling conflicts with utility board choice

In case you missed it, the News Tribune Editorial Board openly criticized the Tacoma City Council for the way it handled its recent Tacoma Public Utility Board appointment. The June 27 editorial derided the appointment itself as well as the relationship between the TPU board and the Council, using terms such as, “overtly political,” “troubling,” and “bad precedent." 

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Bad for business: Seattle City Council's proposed "head tax"

The Seattle City Council’s proposed head tax is a prime example of anti-business politicians doing their best to make larger companies stay away from (or leave) the city.

From the Seattle Times, the tax "... works out to $500 per full-time employee. It would apply to about 600 employers — any with revenues over $20 million — and generate $75 million yearly. In 2021, it would shift from an hourly tax to a payroll tax, collecting roughly the same from the same employers."

District 2 interim council member decision narrowed to nine finalists

The City Council has narrowed the field of applicants for the position of interim District 2 Council Member. We are pleased to see the Council extend the time for the decision to ensure the candidates are appropriately considered before making a selection. We are also encouraged to see that at least two of the candidates have strong business backgrounds. 

The nine finalists are Bradd Busick, Justin Camarata, AJ Gordon, Russ Heaton, Ann Locsin, Janey Mattson, Sarah Rumbaugh, Ronald Stephens and Dan Voelpel.

A decision is expected on March 20.

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City of Tacoma Accepting Applications for Interim District 2 Council Member

The City Council is accepting applications from February 15 - 22 for the position of interim District 2 City Council Member. Council Member Robert Thoms, a veteran of the Persian Gulf War who currently serves as a commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves, has been involuntary recalled to active duty for a six-month tour of duty in Kabul, Afghanistan starting in March 2018 in support of Operation Resolute Support. 

Public Officials Holiday Pre-Reception

Thank you, public officials, newly elected leaders, and our dedicated and supportive business community for attending our Public Officials Holiday Pre-Reception on December 4! Thank you also to Elemental Pizza for hosting.


Business outlook remains strong following the general election

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The ballots have been tallied and it’s time to reflect on the 2017 election cycle, noting highlights and takeaways for the PAC.

But first, we remind our donors and supporters that while the general election is now in the history books, our work doesn’t pause. Not only does the PAC recruit and support balanced, business-friendly candidates, we also work with elected officials to protect jobs and grow businesses. With this in mind, we look forward to working proactively with the Port Commission and Tacoma City Council on behalf of the business community. 

That said, we offer the following highlights and takeaways:

South Sound Summit a home run for the Chamber

The South Sound Summit was a HOME RUN for the Tacoma Pierce County Chamber of Commerce!

Businesses from Seattle to Olympia were provided a great opportunity to network, engage with Industry experts and be entertained by the bright and delightful keynote speaker, Randi Zuckerberg.

The TPC Business Alliance PAC's booth at the Biz Crawl was a hit - attendees dropped by to play a hand of "PAC Poker." We were able to share mutual concerns about Tacoma politics with the business community - all while having fun!


Thank you for making our Decadent Dessert Auction a success!

Our final fundraising event before the general election was a lot of fun - and a big success. Thank you to all of our guests and donors who opened their wallets in support of the PAC.

We'd especially like to thank Larry Boileau and Landmark Convention Center for hosting, and Celebrity Cake Studio for the delicious desserts.

A few highlights of the evening: Kim Archer delighted the crowd with her soulful voice, and Bruce Kendall gave an informative update on the Amazon HQ2 efforts and other Economic Development Board activities.

Finally, special thanks goes to Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist's daughter, Sloane, for helping to get the bidding up!